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Manny Dasilva
COO | Managing Partner (Founder)


Manny is a natural born leader and entrepreneur.  Prior to launching Forest Farms, he founded and operated a wildly successful automotive business for high performance vehicles.  Attracting customers nationally and across borders, this business thrived in providing customers with a high-end experience on various automotive performance platforms.  Foreseeing the imminent opportunities in the Canadian cannabis industry, Manny shifted his focus to be a part of this exciting milestone in our country’s history.  He built a state-of-the-art facility in the southwestern Ontario region, perfectly positioned to provide the best quality cannabis products, to both medical and recreational customers across Canada.


As the founder of Forest Farms, Manny’s focus will be at the heart and soul of our business: Growing the highest quality Cannabis.  This means taking the lead to ensure special care is in place for best-in-class, growth, harvesting and cultivation of our products.  Manny will ensure all aspects of our operations, processes and standards are at the highest quality levels.  Additionally, the exploration and development of new strains, along with product innovation will be a top priority for Manny.



“The idea to venture into this business came from seeing how my mother was suffering from her illness and the medicine she was prescribed was only making it worse . After investigating alternative ways to treat her, Cannabis stood out as the best choice. Thus, I find myself here alongside my longtime friend and now business partner, Paul Dillon.  Our collective aim is to provide the very best cultivated Cannabis for both the medical and recreational markets.”

Forest Farms is led by passionate and energetic individuals. 


Business builders with strategic vision, a culture-inspiring approach and entrepreneurial spirits.  


The combination of their experience, leadership and friendship ensure Forest Farms is operated in a professional, personable and passionately committed manner.

Paul Dillon
CEO | Managing Partner


Paul is a career business builder.  He is a marketing and sales leader who has worked in a variety of industries including packaged goods, consumer electronics, transportation, real estate and sports & recreation. Throughout his career, Paul has garnered a track record of successfully growing businesses by leading the development and implementation of strategies that delivered best-in-class customer experience, innovative product offerings, high-performance teams and profitability.


At Forest Farms, Paul’s focus will be ensuring customers choose our products as their trusted source for their cannabis needs. This includes leading our marketing and outreach strategies, customer experience, technology, partnerships and business operations.  Paul will ensure the Forest Farms business remains committed to innovation, focused on exploring new markets and opportunities, delivering best-in-class customer experience and remaining profitable.


“When the opportunity presented itself to work with Manny and be part of a great company in an incredible ‘new’ industry in Canada, I couldn’t wait to get started.  I now spend my days surrounded by incredibly passionate and inspiring people.  Being part of what will undoubtedly be an exciting journey, both as an owner and as an operator is something I’m truly grateful for.”