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The Very First Cannabis Micro in Canada!



Forest Farms Growth Corp. is pleased to announce the successful issuance of their Micro-Cultivation and Micro-Processing Licence, by Health Canada. Forest Farms is the first cannabis company in Canada to be issued the new Micro-Cultivation and Micro-Processing licences, which essentially allows it to serve the industry as a Craft Cannabis company, producing small batches of varietal cannabis strains to consumers. To gain this licence the company successfully completed the thorough and extensive licensing process. This included (but not limited to) the construction of a state-of-the-art compliant facility, security designs, risk management programming, implementation of standard operating procedures (SOPs), obtaining security clearances, municipality approvals and various quality assurance reporting requirements.

Forest Farms Corporation is headed by Founders Manny and Carmen Dasilva, along with Chief Executive Officer, Paul Dillon. “We are excited and honoured to be the very first licensed micro cultivator and processor in this newly regulated industry. It was a bit of a long road, filled with long days and many sleepless nights to get here, as it’s quite a significant undertaking to become a licensed producer. But from what we’ve learned along the way, we clearly understand how important it is for the process to be this thorough. We are grateful to our partner, Cannabis Compliance Inc. for guiding us through the process. I am so proud of our team in getting us here.” said Dillon. “Our goal ahead now is simple: to be recognized among the very best Craft Cannabis Growers this country has ever seen.”

Forest Farms employs a passionate production team along with their Master Grower, enlisted for their passion and experience to care for their plants, soil conditions and to harvest from their expansive bank of cannabis strains. With the team’s craft focus, they will consistently bring to market an artisanal variety of strains in multiple small batches, allowing customers to experience a variety of premium craft cannabis products. Forest Farms plans to pursue a Sale for Medical Purposes license which will allow it to sell directly to the medical patient community. As part of its license, the company will take advantage of building an onsite retail store, showcasing and selling Forest Farms products to its community and surrounding areas.

“My vision for this company at the outset never wavered” states Manny Dasilva, Founder and Chief Operating Officer. “Our goal is to provide the largest variety of premium quality strains to the market. With our strategic partner, Thrive Cannabis we have over 400 premium strains registered with our license. We are confident the variety of product we will be producing will be far beyond what is currently in the market and the product itself will be among the very best consumers will experience. Smell, texture and taste are what will make Forest Farms cannabis stand out.”

About Forest Farms

Forest Farms Growth Corp is privately owned and operated and Canada’s first licensed micro-cultivator and micro-processor of premium cannabis products. We are located in Southwestern Ontario, in a state-of-the-art facility where we meticulously grow, cultivate and harvest a collection of over 400 unique cannabis strains. As a craft grower, our goal is to be among the preferred brand choice to the discerning consumer looking for the widest selection of premium quality cannabis products.

For media inquiries and company information, please contact:

Paul Dillon

Chief Executive Officer & Managing Partner

(416) 587-2122


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